Pop Music Will Never Die

Pop music sub genres seemingly grow by the minute. 

Art pop, Bubblegum pop, Cantopop Christian pop, Dance-pop, Electropop, Europop, J-pop, K-pop, Latin pop, Operatic pop, Progressive pop, Sophisti-pop, Synthpop, Space age pop, Sunshine pop, and Teen pop. As overwhelming as this list may be, it only stand to grow and expand with the popularity of pop music. 

As we’ve discussed before, pop music is a general term for the sounds that resonate with the most central population of that era, dating back to the 1590s. Popular music began to be referred to as “the pops” in the 1950s, and from that eventually the term ‘pop music’ was born.

So how do you define pop music? The short answer is you can’t. Today, we consider pop to be fast electronic beats. In the 1950’s pop music was Elvis Presley’s signature blues infused sound. The way the pop morphs with the time is exactly what makes it unique, and consequently why the genre will never die. Instead, it will act as a music chameleon morph into whatever we as listeners want the sound to be.

You can check out some pop songs from NiaSounds artists Stuart and Rob Daiker on their websites.

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