Dragon Us Down

With an emphasis on the martial arts, Nia has teamed up with NiaSounds to bring dance lovers worldwide. Curated in late 2016, “Dragon” works to create an irresistible dance sound infused with Asian culture. Take a moment to experience NiaSound's newest compilation in all it's glory.

Morning Birds embodies the sounds of waking up on a cold spring morning, complete with ambient bird sounds. Kung Fu Cowboys continues the audio journey through Mountain Path, both of which take traditional percussion instruments and add their own eastern Asian elements. Drums burst onto the scene with Strobe’s Nanafushi (Satori Mix) where the music becomes much more upbeat. Bang adds energetic orchestration. Indian influences can be found in Swarm which epitomizes the climactic tempos of the middle of the album. 

These influences are followed by Intelegente’s Nobi (Kashioki Taiko To Basu Mix) that offers a smoother version of the upbeat electronic sound. The percussion heavy Tribal track speaks directly to its name, offering the listener a fast paced indigenous sound. The Last Mile slows down with a light string and wind instrumental piece. The Guzheng solo in Appa calms the mind further, taking the track near the end of it’s exciting martial arts journey. Lotus slows to a stop at the end of the journey, offering a moment of tranquility before the last breath of music in the compilation. 

You can purchase "Dragon" compilation on NiaNow.com. The compilation will soon be available on all platforms.

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