Cool Million Completes the Compilation

Frank Ryle & Rob Hardt know soul music. Hailing from Copenhagen & Bremerhaven respectively, the modern soul duo Cool Million have made a splash globally with groovy, contemporary disco laced with 80’s inspiration.


Proudly refusing to follow trends, Cool Million burst into the scene in 2007, before funk and soul elements returned to contemporary pop music. They are recipients of the Soul Survivors Award for both “Best Global Soul Artist/Group” and “Best New Soul Album” in 2010. Once you hear Cool Million’s perfect blend of nostalgic and modern sounds, it’s easy to understand why.


In the U soundtrack, available now digitally, Cool Million funkify the experience with their song "Cool To Make A Million." Heavy disco themes couple with timeless vocals to create a groovy dance melody that leads towards the soundtrack’s reflective close.


You can purchase the U soundtrack, featuring Cool Million’s "Cool To Make A Million," on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.


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