Terry Robb: Acoustic Guitar Master

The Oregonian blues scene just wouldn’t be the the same without Terry Robb. A fountain of talent and expertise, Robb has been recognized throughout his career for his unique fingerpicking style. Incorporating sounds from the Mississippi Delta music tradition, ragtime, country, swing, and free jazz into his music, he consistently creates a unique and unforgettable listening experience.


Terry knows how to convey feelings with his tools and through each song he tells a story using each note as a word...Robb is one of the cleanest guitarists with such melodic runs that even when he runs wild, its roots are thick as the redwoods or murky as Muddy’s waters.
— Blues Revue



Like many musicians, Robb’s love of music has been a defining factor in his life. Born in British Columbia, the acoustic guitar master was raised in the United States before settling down in Portland, Oregon. After training for many years Robb had his first taste of success at age 24 when he had the opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed steel-string guitarist John Fahey. Their work together spawned a four star review from Rolling Stone and laid a path to success for Robb as he continued to work as a musician and producer.




Robb went on to receive 19 consecutive CBA Muddy Awards for his acoustic blues performances which eventually lead to the award being renamed the “Terry Robb Best Acoustic Guitar” award. He has also been a featured performer on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the Portland Trailblazers, and the Oregon Symphony.


It’s the rare guitarist who can whip off a killer 12-bar blues solo, then turn around and fingerpick Travis-style with speed and subtlety. Yet Portland, Oregon, guitarist and singer Terry Robb does just that.
— Ian Zack, Acoustic Guitar



After 40 years in the music industry, Robb doesn’t look like he’s stopping any time soon. He has recorded well over 30 albums as a featured artist and is soon to be releasing his 15th solo album on NiaSounds. If his works such as “Madison Ave. Shuffle” and “Resting Place” speak to you as a blues enthusiast, then his next album might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Visit TerryRobb.com for more updates on performances and links to his music on iTunes,  Amazon, or Google Play.

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