Fathers of Music

According to Glenn McDonald, there are 1,264 different sub-genres of music. When we as music enthusiasts look back on the origins of these genres a few notable “fathers” come to mind that have directly influenced the work we do here at NiaSounds.


Avant Garde & Ambient


Much like the Ambient genre itself, John Cage pushed the boundaries of traditional music through his original compositions. Inspired by the “Found Art” movement, Cage created works such as “Water Sounds,” composed entirely of sounds produced by shells and water.  His work is credited as the first modern classical music and eventually sparked an evolution that led to Ambient music we know and love today.


Easy Listening


Charlie Whitaker took the largely instrumental easy listening genre to new heights. Whitaker was a radio DJ in the 1950s who produced the highest rated radio show in New York for two decades. Through his show and his compilations of easy listening tracks he created a platform for sharing easy listening music with the general population.




Blues music has a long history and William Christopher Handy is popularly known as the ‘Father of Blues’. Composing under the name W.C. Handy, he reworked one of his older songs in 1912 to create “Memphis Blues,” which is now widely recognized as the first popular blues tune. Handy influenced modern blues, pop, jazz, and classical music.




Edgard Varése brings new meaning to the phrase ‘born in the wrong century.’ Born in France in the late 1800s, Varése spent his early career longing for new sounds and instruments in Paris. His outlandish compositions stemming from his roots in opera and classical music alienated many. However, eventually he moved to New York and studied electronic sounds and music, influencing how classical and pop music is performed today.


NiaSounds would like to say Happy Father's Day and thank the men who have brought so much joy through their musical innovations. Without their influence NiaSounds surely wouldn’t be where we are today.


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