World Music Takes A New Turn

When Prem Joshua left his home and journeyed overland to India at the age of 18, he left a part of himself behind: his family name. He kept his first name and added “Prem,” Hindi for “love.” Ever since, Prem Joshua has spread his message of love and universality through fusion world music and has become one of the highest-selling world music artists in India.


The core of Prem Joshua’s music is in the combination of different styles such as jazz and electronica with a masterful blend of Indian sounds and instruments. The result, as heard on NiaSounds compilation Rise, is a consistently original sound filled with wonder.


Laid-back lounge song “Dabari N.Y.C.awakens Rise from a sleepy late night. “Lahore Connection steps up the energy with a unique blend of electronica beats and sitar. Capping off the high energy, “Chandra sees a funky bassline and bongos unite into spunky electronic dance before Rise comes to a quiet close.


You can purchase the yoga-friendly Rise compilation, featuring the exotic world music of Prem Joshua, on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


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