Roske Rises Above


Jeremy Roske wears many hats. A composer of diverse soundtracks, Roske considers himself a teacher, motivational speaker, and fitness expert. He prides himself on being well travelled, living in Bommayapalayam, India, and incorporates this spirit with Middle Eastern influences in his music.


The founder of the band Rapsody, Roske strives “to weave performing arts with spiritual and social activism to serve personal and collective awakening.” This goal becomes apparent to the listener within the eclectic collection of songs in Rapsody’s debut album People Rise, released in 2005.


Perfect for motivation and thoughtful montages, NiaSounds’ compilation Rise features three tracks from Jeremy Roske. "Rainbow" offers a vocal-heavy, raw track which highlights acoustic sounds for a mellow vibe, while "Life For Your Money" features thought-provoking lyrics with a reggae beat. The compilation’s namesake track, "People Rise" , inspires with a bold percussion and plea to be heard.


Consider using Rise for the next time you need an upbeat vibe. You can purchase the Rise soundtrack, featuring Jeremy Roske’s music on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.


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