The Pacific Northwest Music Scene

The “music hub” in the United States has become synonymous with long-recognized cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. However, the market which these music creators and producers sell to is not necessarily located within those same city limits. 


Whenever creators and music fans come together, it is loosely referred to as a “music scene” within a metropolitan area. Curious to find out more about our own local music scene, NiaSounds did a little research to find out where the best cities for music fans were located. According to a study by ValuePenguin three of the top 15 cities included were located in Oregon and Washington.

Seattle, Washington finds itself ranked third for music aficionados, followed by the Portland metro area in the 12th rank and Eugene, Oregon at 13th. Together they create the nation’s #1 destination for music lovers. Surprisingly, this music region is only rivaled by cities located in Southern California.

So what does this mean for the native Portlander? As our listener base grows, the demand for more creators and venues will as well. NiaSounds is proud to be a part of this scene, bringing some of the most talented musicians to the area for every listener from someone who prefers Terry Robb’s classic acoustic blues to someone who jams to Stuart’s classic rock. Everyone has a place here in the Portland music scene, and we are thrilled to see it expand in the future as more people discover our hidden gems.

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