Spiraling Into New Sounds

When it comes to music, one thing often spirals into another. A chance meeting at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios led Joe Crisp and Cliff Ovenden to team up in the music industry. After hearing Lottie Child sing bossanova in London, the three spiraled into creating music together as the group Spiral System. 

Spiral System “blends dreamy downtempo, latin, vocals and dub into a delicious audio cocktail.” The group has released numerous EPs along with 2 full-length albums, and have attracted the talent of Rowland Sutherland and the Urban Soul Orchestra.

Spiral System complements the Pulse compilation’s mellow dance beats with their track, ‘Elephant (Dub).’ Featuring a deep and immense sound, ‘Elephant (Dub)’ lives up to its namesake by providing a meditative experience that is vast and healing. The song appears in the later half of Pulse as the soundtrack decrescendos into stillness. 

You can dance to the Pulse compilation, featuring the downtempo dub of Spiral System, on Amazon.

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