EDM and Music Therapy


Electronic Dance Music (EDM) often connotes to the average listener two musical elements: bass drops and synthetic beats. But new research says that on top of bass drops and dance festivals, certain subgenres of EDM can be used for music therapy.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy can promote wellness overall as well as help the listener manage stress, pain, and even enhance memory. So how can a musical genre which is known for exciting a crowd in a club possibly fit into a music therapy session? Well, Jaime Bundy of Psychology Today says the answer is in the question.

Bundy has spent years traveling and researching human happiness and its connection to the EDM scene. Her research suggests that if a rhythm is “primal” there is universal appeal. Another hypothesis by psychologist Charles Choi upholds Bundy’s research, stating that “the ear responds better to rhythms set by deeper sounds.” 

Many of NiaSound’s compilations, such as Pulse, include several mellow-sounding electronica tracks, a subgenre of EDM. Tracks like these feature a subtle bass that drive the listener to feel the synthetic movements of each track. With inherent sounds meant to please the human ear, EDM could easily translate to a musical therapy session with success. In fact, it already has.

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