Letting The Pulse Move You

2015 marked the release of the Pulse, one of the most recent compilation projects from NiaSounds. Empowering lyricism and synthetic beats define these tracks to create a unique experience for the listener. Together Pulse’s innovative twist on electronic dance music gives a whole new edge to this collection of tracks.

Deep Dive Corp begins the journey with the mellow tracks “Here We Go” and “The Flame,” each featuring tones pulsing in a calming manner against a synth background. Crazy P’s fan-favorite “Heartbreaker” and “Hot Toddy’s Down To Love” bring soul to your step while keeping the trancelike Pulse of the soundtrack. 

The tempo is escalated with the irresistible “Don’t Stop The Dance” by Martin Brodin and the spicy variety of percussion and tones featured in The Martin Brothers’ Steal Drums. The Babysitters’ feel-good anthem “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” provides a heartwarming burst of positivity that gives the beautifully complex “Elephant (Dub Mix)” by Spiral System new meaning. Bob Holroyd brings us his signature ambient style for a grounding conclusion to Pulse with “Empty Vessel” and “Stillpoint.”

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