“Hilight-ing” the Best Sounds

What do you get when you combine six frenchmen with a passion for live natural trance music? When they joined efforts in the early 2000s, it led to six albums, four videos, and over 500 concerts. Sound easy? Well, not when you consider what goes into creating their ground breaking sound.

Hilight Tribe originally formed in the late 1990s but the success of their unique sound did not take off until slightly later in their careers. Their main goal has always been to combine sounds that are “....simultaneously close to the Earth and conscious of modern technology.” (hilighttribe.com) This leaves the group with a remarkable dance vibe that is still reminiscent of the past. 

NiaSounds’ compilation Soul, which as previously mentioned highlights Native American sounds, also uses the distinctive Hilight Tribe sound with their track “Indian Trance”. This uniquely upbeat piece perfectly ties together the modern twists Soul highlights so well.

You can purchase the Soul compilation on Amazon and Google Play.

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