Move to the Rhythm

Listening to the electronica infused with Native American lyrics of “Victory Dance” from the Soul compilation, a few questions come to mind. Who is the Mystic Rhythms Band? Where did their musical inspiration come from? Do they continue to work on other projects today?

A little digging brings the reader to All Music Guide, where this commentary can be found as the closest thing to a biography.

Mystic Rhythms is the brainchild of electronic composer Gregor Theelen, who often combines trance, jazz, and instrumental pop sounds with Native American chants and rhythms.
— Matt Collar, All Music Guide

Although the group has no official site, a quick look into their accreditations shows Mystic Rhythms Band has participated in 9 compilations and produced two of their own albums between 1990 and 2015. Beginning with original Native American music stemming from various tribes, their sound evolved into the electro-native american fusion we know hear in “Victory Dance” on Soul. Their most recent sounds, which have been featured on compilations for yoga and meditation, reside solely in the electronic musical genre. 

Sonic evolution aside, it is unclear whether Theelen will continue to produce under the band’s pseudonym. Either way, we as listeners can continue to enjoy the moment in their growth captured by the NiaSounds compilation.

You can purchase the Soul compilation on Amazon and Google Play.

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