Barclay & Cream Hit The Scene

Although their identities are shrouded in secrecy, Barclay & Cream are easily identified by their choice of remixes. Their albums heavily feature the work of three DJs: Alex Butchner, Mike Misar, and Alexander Metzger. Butchner contributes a progressive house spin to Barclay & Cream’s smooth tracks, while Misar brings a more traditional upbeat house mix to their slower songs. In contrast, Metzger continues to work with what he identifies as “chill out” or ambient house. Barclay & Cream’s choice to collaborate with these three artists emphasizes their interest in house remixes.

Barclay & Cream are no strangers to being featured on compilation albums like Magic. In fact, their tracks can exclusively be found on over 100 compilation albums, released by Bootcamp Records and Drizzly Records. Most are dance compilations that feature mainly house and ambient music, which illustrates the excellent match of Nia Technique and Barclay & Cream.

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You can purchase the Magic compilation on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.