Bringing It Back

Compiled in 2016, “Bring It” presents an upbeat synthetic jam for those searching for the perfect dance-meditation mixtape.

Dub Up by Deep Dive Corp. features a smooth mixture of electronica and ambient to edge the listener towards the beginning of “Bring It.” January by Silva starts out with matching slow electronic beats but ramps to a sensual saxophone solo that rolls the experience straight towards the electronic guitar emphasis in the Sunmonx’s  In The Trees. Spiral System’s soul influenced track continues the new age electronic vibes with Funkt. The Whistler (Radio Edit) by Claude Vonstroke brings a more whimsical side of electronica to the top of the album where we find the namesake Bring It by Pacifika. It is within this track that the listener experiences the soothing acoustic accompaniment all while not slowing down the tempo. 

Jumping back to another electronic bass sound, Eats Everything’s The Withywood Walk and Da Cruz’s Boom Boom Boom (Sen-or Oz Remix) both offer upbeat dance music. The listening journey then slows to the smooth harmonies of Solva in Okinawa. The listener finally finds a meditative ambient sound in About You by Deep Dive Corp. The compilation finishes with contemplative jazz piece Blueprint by Bob Holroyd whose reliance on piano calms the sound back into it’s melodic roots.


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