Stuart.FM Releases “Virus (Rob Daiker Remix)”

Socially conscious musician Stuart.FM is back, this time with an undeniably catchy electronic beat. Teaming up with producer Rob Daiker, Stuart.FM is revisiting his politically charged lyrics in Virus (Rob Daiker Remix). Stuart.FM has continued to be inspired by the American political climate as it evolves, evoking what he believes is a greater need for his message than ever before.

We watch our politicians fight in the media every day. Party lines are tearing people apart. I believe in better. I believe that we can come up with positive, integrative solutions if we just work together. And that’s what Virus is about.

The line “gonna hit it like a virus with you,” emphasizes his point. Stuart.FM has spent the majority of his career reminding his fans that together they can change the world and the importance of love, and his newest release does not stray from that message. 

Virus (Rob Daiker Remix) is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.