CELL-ebrating Life

Honor life and all its gifts through CELL-ebrate, where NiaSounds takes percussion from around the world  to create a mix that invokes an honest connection to the human experience.

The mix kicks off with the slow acoustically driven “Breaking Good” by James Asher, followed up with SILVA’s “Capuba”, in which 80s influence makes an appearance with synthesizer undertones. The listener transitions into the classic low and slow beat of “Missing and Kissing” from Deep Dive Corp. The climax comes from Bob Holroyd, who leaves off on a funky, positive note accompanied by female vocalists in “When The Monsoons Came”. The compilation quickly sinks it’s teeth into upbeat life sensations with Holroyd’s South American influenced track “Bring on Brazil”. Claude VonStroke offers The Greasy Beat (FUNK BOMB DJ VERSION) which highlights the importance of a downbeat. Building on the steady beat progression in each song, “Hey Wanaina” from James Asher offers Native American vocals with a bass drum. Moving to the same rhythm, Asher then explores the woodwind section with “Los Cuentos”, leading to Water Down The Ganges’ sintar sound to slow down and relax the ear.

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