James Asher is Here to Party

Let’s talk about James Asher. No, he’s not the political writer Jim Asher. No, he’s not James Asher, the British spy and subject of Barbara Hambly’s seven-book series. He is James Asher, the expert instrumentalist that cascades sounds across Nia’s newest compilation CELL-ebrate. 

Despite the slight confusion when searching his name, James Asher has spent his life perfecting instrumental sounds for New Age music. Though he is English, as far as we know, he spends his days far from espionage and political conflict. Instead he spends his time producing, mixing, and creating music from around the world.

Asher’s love of music began at seven years old, when he took up the violin. From there, he taught himself drums and piano before working up to creating his own music studio, Starfield. In 1988, Asher found himself near the top of the New Age Billboard Music Chart. Since then, Asher has continued to receive accolades for his internationally inspired songs. With his vast instrumental talents and sounds, he is now the main artist featured on CELL-ebrate. While being a musician won’t make Asher quite as intriguing as his namesakes, it does make for a unique search profile filled with musical excellence.

You can purchase “CELL-ebrate” on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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