Dive Into New Sounds

Be like water and connect to the liquid space within the body and with each movement you make with Nia’s 2016 curation “Deep Dive.” 
Happiness (Interlude) by Vargo sets up the listener to journey within themselves for this deep experience. The listener then dives into smooth jazz with Awakening, followed up by Silence which offers thought provoking lyrics while maintaining the compilation’s calm demeanor. Vocal vibrations continue to thread between tracks, adding the soul of Speak To Me to the line up. Transitioning to upbeat ambiance, Goodbye Is A New Beginning offers yet another smooth track. Warriors (Album Version) uses percussion and vocals to follow the album’s tempo while creating a motivational tension. This all leads up to Good Life and Beauty. Slowdive then takes the listener back to soothing acoustic sounds. Get Back To Your Serenity is appropriately names as it calms the tempos. Dear Friends- Reprise surprises with a calming piano solo ballad followed by Your Love’s serene ambient sounds to wrap up the compilation.

You can purchase “Deep Dive” on Amazon and Google Play.

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