The Artist's Intent

Setting a psychological scene for a listener, commonly known as priming, is widely understood to be a way of manipulating listeners. As disconcerting as it may sound, this is a common practice among artists whose intent is to provoke certain emotions. This falls under the umbrella of influencer marketing. But how is this influencer marketing affecting the way music lovers consume their tunes? New studies are showing that the influence an artist has over their listeners just might be the key to creating hits.

In an article review of a 2017 study, author Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis Ph.D. summarizes, “Omigie (2015) hypothesizes that empathy with an imagined human artist plays an important role…. [the research conducted in 2017] suggests that imagining the emotional circumstances of the composer or author can be an effective way of engaging expressively with a piece of art”

Although in the study all artists were theoretical, these studies makes a poignant argument. Artists with large fanbases have more of the general population interested in their personal lives. Thus as fans build connections between the topic of a recent song and a relevant issue for the celebrity, we find they are generally more empathetic towards what the population perceives as the intent of the art.  

NiaSounds artist Stuart.FM has used his career to seek empathy through relevant political topics. Attracting those who are disgruntled with politics is a way to relate to listeners that guarantees empathy. Many artists attempt to relate to others through their medium without considering their own voice. Stuart.FM, however, has never strayed from adding his perspective to his art. With his newest song Cam Cam, he discusses the disconnection humans experience with screens that otherwise connect. Thought provoking and lyrically stimulating, Stuart.FM continues to make his intended audience think about their lifestyles.

The bottom line: perceived intent creates an easy connection for the listener. They can connect it to their own experiences. And at the end of the day, the more a music fan can relate to a song, the more likely they are to buy it.

You can purchase “Cam Cam” from Stuart.FM on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

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