Flow Through the Tides with Bob Holroyd & NiaSounds

Musician Bob Holroyd brings Flow through the tides, easing the listener in with “Afterglow” to slowly entice the senses. The compilation namesake then effortlessly transitions into a dreamy melody which flows effortlessly along with the ethnic and soft string accompaniment. Piano filled arrangements bring the ambient sounds to fruition with “The Territory of Thinking,” while “Sunrise” adds soft drums coupled with light percussion to transition to a ethereal listening experience. “Rafiki Hi Life Mix” is an uptempo response to the smooth previous tracks, maintaining light percussion while creating a joyous sound.

With low percussion and flutes, “Red Earth” slowly digs deep into the core of the listener, asking it to interact with the mixture of organic and worldly instruments. Electronic influence gives the surprise maracas in “Woven” an upbeat excursion. Bob Holroyd then merges into a steady beat with “Looking Back” which challenges the listener to look beyond the hand claps and find the meaning. “A Weak Winter Sun” then removes itself from the uptempo precedent to offers slow notes adorned with a clean, ambient sound.