Along for the Ride

Artist Deep Dive Corp. offers a variety of sounds that create Ride’s uniquely modern sonic experience.

Deep Dive Corp brings Ride to the horizon, easing the listener in with “Awareness (Intro)” to slowly entice the ear. The compilation namesake then smoothly transitions into a melody which flows effortlessly along with the acoustic guitar and soft drum accompaniment. Middle Eastern inspired vocals to bring the bongo drums to fruition with “Mokil Shebil,” while “Nia’s Coastline” adds Bass Guitar coupled with light percussion to transition to a deeper listening experience. “Shine (Nia Version)” is an uptempo response to the smooth previous tracks, maintaining light percussion while creating a brighter sound.

With low bass, “Gentle” gently digs deep into the core of the listener, asking it to interact with the mixture of organic and electronic instruments. Latin influence gives the surprise maracas in “Guitaria” an upbeat flare. Deep Dive Corp. then smooths but doesn’t slow the tempo with “Go” which challenges the listener to look beyond the percussion and find the meaning. “Awareness (Outro)” then removes itself from the uptempo precedent to offers slow notes adorned with Eastern influences.

You can purchase Ride on Amazon, iTunes, Apply Music, and Google Play.

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