Let's Get Wild

Acoustics and vocals guide Wild’s calming cadence as a compilation designed for the Nia Technique in 2017 which promotes reflexive conditioning and careful listening. 



Calming vocal trio The Wild Reeds accompanied by an acoustic guitar softly begin Wild’s ascendence. Followed by their folk-inspired “When I Go,” the trio use a slow tempo to ease the listener into Wild’s acoustic experience. Aho by Ara Lee then offers a definitive drumbeat intertwined with Ara’s contralto notes that builds into “Born” that music lovers will feel in their core. Low beats then mix with techno sounds for the first lyric-less experience in “Neanderthal Love” by Star Sounds Orchestra.

Acting as an upbeat bridge to raise the heartbeat and the imagination, “Show Me Your Love” gives Cosmic Vibration a chance to shine in their electronic beats that step into an eastern influence with sitar sounds sprinkled throughout the song. Cosmic Vibration continues the musical journey with “Alien Craft,” taking its influence from classic techno DJ sounds. The Wild Reeds return with a solo vocalist and definitive lyricism accompanied by modern acoustic guitar and violin chords to begin to soothe the listener back to reality. Quickly Wild shifts to its acoustic roots with three Blues slides from acclaimed Blues artist Terry Robb, each of which adorns a progressively slower tempo. We drift back to reality with Swedish artist 55 Cancri E in “Vaggvisa” as mesmerizing guitar picking eases the mind.

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