MB Disco Remixes For "U"

Disco aficionado Martin Brodin came to a realization: he loves disco music, so why shouldn’t he create some himself? Having previously founded Deeplay Music in Sweden, he created the label MB Disco as an outlet for his new musical direction. As his Facebook page describes: “Shining disco balls, hands in the air, roller skating girls, lollipops and a touch of Larry Levan. Here we have MB Disco.”


The label has become a bastion of contemporary disco music, attracting artists such as Ray Mang, another contemporary disco producer with several successful DJ tours across Europe and Japan under his belt.


In the U soundtrack, now available digitally, MB Disco’s tune "Blood Stud" is hypnotically remixed by Ray Mang. A playful xylophone sings above a rhythm that artfully blends congo drums and guitar strums with a pervasive baseline and begs to be danced to with its contagious and steady beat.


Martin Brodin is featured on other NiaSounds compilations such as Pulse and Grateful.


You can purchase the U soundtrack, featuring MB Disco’s "Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix)," on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.


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