Ambient Music Makes Life Easier

Ambient music is famous for creating atmospheres free of the persistent beats found in other musical categories. The diverse use of sounds in experiential music is almost as varied as the uses for the songs themselves. Today, we highlight three aspects of your life that can be complemented by ambient tones:


1. Meditation


Many yoga and meditation practitioners primarily use  nature sounds with electronic undertones to enhance their experience. It is a common misconception that physical relaxation is the goal of meditation. In fact, meditation is first and foremost used to calm the mind. According to the American Psychological Association, the soothing sounds of ambient songs trigger a psychological response that relax the listener. Dream Walker is an example of a compilation curated for just this purpose.


2. Study Sessions


Many have heard the rumors that Mozart and studying can go hand in hand. However, ambient sounds often have the same soothing effect, helping listeners concentrate on their work. Researchers have discovered certain chords and rhythms with natural bass tones, like those found in the earthy sounds of Soul, resonate with the mind helping it produce Dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure centers.)


3. Rest


Natural sounds have been known to aid REM cycles of sleep, which is exactly why Robert Rich brought Sleep Concerts to America in the 1980s. Sleep Concerts are exactly what you think they are: musical performances where audience members bring sleeping bags to snooze in while the artist performs. What began as an experiment with drone music brought to light the musical world you never knew you were dreaming about. You too can immerse yourself in the essence of a Sleep Concert with the sonic experience that Amethyst provides.


Of course, there are many other uses for the varying selection of sounds ambient music provides. But incorporating sonic landscapes into these three activities can start you on your journey to adding new dimensions to common practices.  

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